Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The world is up side down, the internet is dominating the world. It started with computers, but nowadays almost everybody has internet on his/hers phone. How are companies interacting with that? How does somebody get advantages of the fact that everbody is almost every minute online? What are the new trends on this sight, and what can we expect in the future?

These are some question which every company should ask himself.

Soon more on this.


  1. Compelling questions. I think the internet will only keep on growing, fueled by ads, as the ad exposure grows and grows, the drive to create content for generating ad revenues can only grow.

  2. the internet has definatley changed the way people live in life both in good and bad ways...

    good being if one needed information, directions or game scores it can be easily accessed

    bad being some people do so much on the internet they don't leave their house and go outside

  3. Most companies are trying to get into the internet (FINALLY) now. Social media pages, apps, etc.

    Reactive marketing at it's finest.

    But I agree, smart phones and wifi are making the internet king. It is accessible 24/7 now, and is the key to making your business dominate the market.

  4. so true. what i dont like is the spamming from most of the companies on the net

  5. very true indeed , the internet is like the ultimate weapon people have

  6. Looking forward for more blog posts

  7. It really is amazing to think of the world without the internet. Just imagine living without Google. Scary.
    Good post.