Monday, February 14, 2011


So, allot of people who are commenting on my blog, are intrested in the weed in Holland. Now, as you probabibly guessed, I like the weed. But I will dedicate my passion at the end of this read.

What's Holland also known for? Well as LittleGiantBomb (add me on twitter btw: Dristhi741, send you a tweet, but got no response, didn't know if your read it) mentioned, we as Dutch guys love the cheese and "drop". So what is that? "Drop" can I ask the people who're not from the Netherlands to pronounce this word out loud? My translation site translates it to: liquorice extract don't know if that gets you any further. Wait, let's put an image to give you an idea what it is.

So, that's "Drop". And you probably all know what cheese is, and I love it!

What's more in Holland, besides the weed and the cheese & drop? Maybe we're famous for our Soccer (or as I like to call it: Football) team. This year we even reached the finals. Maybe you all witnessed that game. Hope not, it was imbarrasing because of the hard play by the "Oranje Leeuwen (Orange Lions)". Especially by Nigel the Jong of course. I pitty it every day that we didn't win that game, because I was in my city where I go to college, watching the game with a lot of other students in a bar, could have been one hell of a night, but too bad. Because we lost, I went to go and smoke some weed with a friend of mine.

That's a nice starter for the part about weed: first of all, I'm so glad I was born in the Netherlands, but not only because you can get your weed everywhere, smoke it at home and it still isn't illegal, there are more things in Holland which you can enjoy (maybe I'll get to those one day). But weed: yeah it's incredible. I'm not an addict, but I smoke it often. Most of the times with my roommate, playing FIFA '11 and can't stop laughing, sometimes I smoke it with my friends from my birthtown, then I argue all the time about stupid things who don't even matter. But it's fun tough.

So weed, why is weed so beloved? Because it chills you out, because you don't give a crap about what you have to do all day, it takes away your worries and makes everything pretty and funny. That's why. I'm not suggesting everybody should smoke weed day in day out, but if you want to try so: go ahead, it's nice!

Hope the comments can get me started for my next story.

Feel free to comment about my English, I hope it's oke, but when people point out my faults I wont do them again.


Friday, February 11, 2011

How's my everyday.

If you follow my blog, you know I'm a student. Since I got some reactions on my last message on my blog about my student life, I thought it would be fun if you get to know how my daily life looks like.

Well, for starters, you should know I live in the Netherlands, and I know that our student life is slightly different than the lives of the students in the USA for example. I live in a house (owned by a friendly old man, who doesn't live there, I don't know what is 't called, but I thought it's called a landlord or housekeeper?) with 4 other students. 

So let's describe my average day. 

Most of the times, I wake up around 9/10 AM, depends what I got to do that day, and at what time I fell asleep that night. Then I'm heading straight outside to smoke my first cigarette, because that's one of the most enjoyable cigarette of the day, excluding the one I smoke after dinner, nothing can top that one. After that it's time for my morning routine, like showering, brushing my teeth etc. and checking the news and my social life on the internet.

Here's a struggle, I said I was going to describe my average day, but that did remind me, I don't have average days. All my days a different, obviously. Maybe I need to be at my university to make assignments, follow lectures or just socialize with my co-students. That's not interesting at all, I suppose. 

Damn, don't know how to go trough with this, what do you guys want to know about the student life in Holland? Give me some suggestions, and I will continue this topic.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should be typing something to intrest you

I have a tough time today, went to my university, made a test, made an assigment, just finished. Been working for my education over 14 hours now. Luckily I have a nice roommate, who made dinner for me and himself. But, pff, I'm tired. So I won't make a blog today. Tomorrow I'm travelling, so maybe I'm writing something later on.

Maybe anyone can give me good tips on what to write about?

Love movies, so name one, I watch is soon, and you'll get your review!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Variation is good right? So when you're done reading this, you'll think: yeah, variation is good.
Variation in what? My first blog was about internet, the uprising media of the future. But now, because I'm a movie lover, let's talk about movies.

Ever visited ? You can find the most amazing movies, search on the actor you like and get fun stuff & trivia for a certain movie.

So, when I searched 'Jonah Hill' (brilliant actor in Superbad) I found the movie: "Get him to the greek".

This movie is awesome. It's Jonah on his best, joined with a very funny story. Especially when they're on the "Jeffrey", that part always makes me smile. The most people who saw this movie, would agree with me that Russel Brand plays a brilliant role in this film as Aldous Snow. Fun fact about that: he also plays Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008). In this movie also stars the one and only: Jason Segel (Marshall in How I Met Your Mother)!

I started with Imdb, and I'm gonna finish with it. Just do the searches I did, and go see all the movies written by or screenplay by: Jason Segel, you'll love them!



The world is up side down, the internet is dominating the world. It started with computers, but nowadays almost everybody has internet on his/hers phone. How are companies interacting with that? How does somebody get advantages of the fact that everbody is almost every minute online? What are the new trends on this sight, and what can we expect in the future?

These are some question which every company should ask himself.

Soon more on this.